The impact of limiting beliefs

by | 10 Feb 2023 | Unleashing You, Wellbeing

Our limiting beliefs have a powerful and far-reaching impact on our lives.  Frequently we are unaware of this as we are so used to living with them and listening to them.

Recognising the impact of limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs can have a powerful and far-reaching impact on our lives. They shape the decisions we make, how we interact with others, our thought processes, and expectations of ourselves, and even inform larger life choices.

Many of us are unaware that these deeply held beliefs exist within us. Sometimes they well-hidden and difficult to spot, or we are so used to the narrative we don’t notice its constant presence.

Limiting beliefs can hold us back

Limiting beliefs can impair us reaching our true potential. Having previously identified the limiting beliefs we carry around every day, we need to explore the effects they have when unnoticed.

Our beliefs can unknowingly restrain us from reaching our potential, causing feelings that leave us feeling inadequate and powerless. This lack of action, held back through the limiting belief can serve to reinforce it. We apply for a job in a half-hearted way because we don’t think we are good enough, then when we don’t get it we use it as evidence to reinforce the limiting belief.

Limiting beliefs often manifest in fear. If I don’t believe I am good enough for something I will be frightened to try.

Limiting beliefs can impact our psychological wellbeing

Limiting beliefs are usually linked in some way to our sense of self, elements like low self-worth, lack of self-acceptance, and other disempowering emotions can be hard to change.  Research has shown many links between these types of constructs and lower levels of overall psychological wellbeing.

The more we get stuck in a cycle of negative self-talk the harder it can be to overcome, and we can also get caught in a downward spiral.

It is important to understand the impact our beliefs have on us. If we choose to believe that something is not possible, then it becomes very difficult for us to achieve it. The reverse is also true and reminds me of the Henry Ford quote ‘whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right’.

However, if we work to change our beliefs, our lives can be transformed by opening up new experiences and emotions that all enhance our wellbeing and support our growth.

Look at our blog post we will explore changing these limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are explored in detail in the Accepting myself module of Unleashing You, the ILM approved programme for personal growth, increased performance, and enhanced wellbeing.

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