A single programme to address multiple strategic people priorities – performance, engagement, and wellbeing.

A unique and exciting programme approved by the Institute of Leadership.

Personal growth
drawing on strengths and greater self-confidence

Increased resilience
to manage stress and overcome challenges

Enhanced performance
using your personal motivators and strengths

Greater overall wellbeing
and subjective wellbeing to enjoy life more!

Personal growth

drawing on strengths and greater self-confidence

Increased resilience

to manage stress and overcome challenges

Enhanced performance

using your personal motivators and strengths

Greater overall wellbeing

and subjective wellbeing to enjoy life more!

Unleashing You – build engagement, performance and wellbeing.

We help people achieve their best at work

Beneficial for organisations
Organisations are seeking to improve the employee proposition: attract and retain key skills, build engagement for performance and productivity, and equip leaders and managers to achieve objectives.

We're a team offering a range of expertise

Beneficial for employees
Employees are experiencing their own challenges including high levels of stress and reduced wellbeing, leading to reduced motivation and engagement.

We help people achieve their best at work

Outcomes build leadership and management competencies
Approved by the Institute of Leadership as a programme to support personal growth and development, enhance manager and leadership skills, and increase wellbeing. Attendees are eligible for Associate membership and access to extensive resources and e-learning to support further development.

In a time of many demands on limited time and financial resources we want you to be confident that the programme will bring about real and lasting change. 

All modules are evidence-based, drawing extensively on recent advances in positive psychology, and include practical exercises.

Unleashing You for in-house delivery

We help people achieve their best at work

This programme has the potential to be transformational
This unique programme draws on proven theory and evidence-based tools with outcomes for increased performance, personal growth and enhanced wellbeing.

We're a team offering a range of expertise

Designed for people seeking to make changes
The content will support those seeking to increase their performance, grow their management and leadership skills, realise their potential, and increase their overall wellbeing.

We help people achieve their best at work

Overcome barriers to progress and change
Many barriers to change are internal.  These may include people missing out on opportunities, not speaking up, and avoiding things due to self-doubt; living with an inner critic and unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, that hold back growth and increased wellbeing; and not recognising inner strengths so missing out on their benefits.

We're a team offering a range of expertise

Identifying routes to motivation and engagement
We are all motivated in different ways.  A greater understanding of individual motivators gives the self-awareness to increase the factors that energise us, build greater engagement, and experience a sense of flow. 

We help people achieve their best at work

Achieving more via self-kindness not self-criticism
This isn about a ‘soft and fluffy’ approach, it is drawing on research that evidences greater self-compassion and self-acceptance is a nicer route to better outcomes. 

We're a team offering a range of expertise

A strengths approach 
Identifying and optimising the use of individual strengths increases energy and performance, achieving more than when focussing on perceived weaknesses.  .

Get in touch to discuss how Unleashing You
will benefit your organisation and your employees

A reminder of the benefits for you and your organisation:

  • Increased motivation and engagement at work
  • A greater level of self-acceptance and wellbeing for attendees.
  • Recognising and using individual strengths to mutual benefit.
  • Drawing on the evidenced power of self-kindness to achieve individual and organisational goals
  • Experiencing personal growth and making life better – whatever this means for each attendee.
What do the modules cover?

Introduction and setting your objectives (if whole programme option selected)

This is about setting the scene and working out the starting point, plus what attendees would like to achieve.

  • During this module each will identify personal objectives for programme. These can be aligned with organisational objectives
  • There will be an introduction to the different elements of the programme and how they contribute to Unleashing You.
  • At the end of the module attendees will feel energised, excited and committed to moving forward and making the changes they are seeking.

My strengths
This module is all about the powerful resources that are our personal strengths. It covers:

  • Identifying personal strengths. The ones we know we have and the ones we haven’t yet realised.
  • Understanding the benefits of optimal use and how to practice this.
  • Learn how it is not about ignoring weaknesses but using strengths to make the weaknesses irrelevant.

Accessing the power of self-kindness
Self-kindness and self-compassion are an unrecognised and untapped route to doing, being and achieving so much more. Learn about:

  • What self-compassion really means and how it works.
  • How to harness its power for growth, performance, and wellbeing.
  • Develop practical tools to cultivate greater self-compassion to experience these benefits.

What is important to me in my life
Your wellbeing is aligned to doing things that are important to us and living life in the way that feels right for us individually. This valuable module provides the opportunity to:

  • Explore what we mean by purpose and consider what ours might be.
  • Identify individual values and how they guide what we do and how we do it.
  • Consider how to ensure goals are aligned with values and purpose.

What motivates me
Real motivation comes from inside. It is a desire to do something. Having intrinsic motivation is vital in achieving goals and developing potential. To capture the full energy of motivation we need to understand it. During this element of the programme we will:

  • Increase understanding of personal motivators.
  • Develop strategies to use motivators to enable progress.
  • Share ideas to overcome conflicting demands and motivations.

Accepting myself
Self-acceptance it an important factor of wellbeing. Through feelings of self-doubt and low self-esteem we get in our own way. In this powerful module we will:

  • Gain new perspectives on self-esteem, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome.
  • Understanding the challenge and barriers created by limiting beliefs and strategies to overcome them.
  • Use self-compassion to support and enable change.

Mind and body – looking after all of you
Overall health is a combination of physical and psychological health. The interrelation between them is highly complex. This module provides a chance to take a broader perspective on:

  • Understanding the importance of all elements necessary for overall wellbeing.
  • Developing approaches to increasing your wellbeing that are realistic and evidence based.
  • Actions to make manageable changes to habits to facilitate increased wellbeing.

Bringing it all together (when the full programme is selected)
The success of any programme is not what we learn but what we do with the learning, how we implement the new knowledge, and in turn create lasting and meaningful change. In the final element attendees will:

  • Review all the elements and reflect on the new awareness and knowledge.
  • Develop more ideas on how we might further embed the changes to enable you to be the best version of yourself.
  • Ensure we have processes in place for accountability and reflection for ongoing change and growth in the areas you identified as important.


How does the programme work?

Full Unleashing You programme

The full programme ideally runs over six-months and is carefully designed and structured to give the best opportunity to learn and benefit from the time and financial investment. Practical, fun, realistic, enjoyable, supportive, participative…. these are all important elements contributing to gaining the best outcomes in personal growth, increased performance, enhanced wellbeing and more positive emotions.

Six modules, each covering a separate element of Unleashing You

  • One module each month
  • Pre-session information to set the scene and a couple of short tasks in preparation for the live session.
  • A facilitated live participative workshop exploring the months topic in greater depth with practical exercises to gain greater self-awareness and knowledge. Learning is enhanced through group work and sharing insights in a safe and supportive environment.
  • A follow up email summarising the session and reminders of the exercises
  • A week after the live session you’ll receive an accountability reminder and further techniques to encourage learning and help develop new habits
  • The module will conclude with a reflective activity two weeks after the live session, and maybe a few extra ideas!

Carefully designed and structured to give the best opportunity to learn

          • The introductory session and final session are can be self-guided, supported by resources, or facilitated.
          • A range of supporting resources to guide participants through the exercises in the pre-work, live sessions and post session work.
          • Many of the exercises are not time consuming (recognising time is a scare resource for many people) but are often about learning new ways of thinking and approaching situations.
          • The benefit of participation as part of a cohort for support, engagement, and accountability.
          • Confidence that the content is evidence based, drawing on positive psychology, the science of making life better.
          • The option to add on individual coaching sessions so the programme has even wider and greater impact.

          Tailored ‘pick and mix’ modular option

          For organisations with specific outcome requirements, there is an option to select specific modules for a tailored in-house programme.  For example one organisation selected the modules on motivation, strengths and mind and body to meet their specific needs.

          Optional additions to maximise development outcomes

          • Individual coaching to further support growth and embed learning.
          • Additional profiling tools to support self-awareness.  These include Motivational Maps to understand our individual motivators, and the Positive Resilience Profile that scores the 7 Pillars of Positive Resilience with tailored suggestions for development.


          How do I know it will work?

          • We are confident it will make a difference to attendees invest your time and energy in participating in the activities. Changes, particularly of long held beliefs and habits can be challenging and can’t be done for people. The commitment made to all the activities will affect the level of transformation experienced.
          • The tools and activities used are where possible evidence based with academic studies showing their impact.
          How does the IOL approval work?

          Participation in the full programme provides access to Associate Membership of the Institute of Leadership (previously the Institute of Leadership and Management). The cost of the first year membership will be factored into the tailored proposal for your organisation. This gives attendees access to a vast array of online resources and e-learning providing extensive opportunities for further development.

          Where organisations opt for a programme of specific modules, options can be provided to give routes to membership.  This is based on the number of hours delivery and the mapping of content to the IoL indicators.

          How do I know it is right for my organisation?

          The modules cover elements that we believe contribute to the outcomes of growth, performance and wellbeing.  The exact content can be tailored to organisations, with flexibility in how it is delivered.  Please contact us to discuss the strategic people priorities in your organisation and how Unleashing You can help you deliver positive outcomes.

          How do I know it will work?
          Change is not instant. Change requires awareness, understanding and practice. Participation in the programme can enable change but will require input, effort, and practice. Signing up won’t guarantee success, fully participating and embedding learning is what will bring about the changes you are seeking.

          What about the cost?
          Cost, price, and value should be considered separately. However, we understand that organisations need to manage budgets and as far as possible evidence a return on the investment.  Given the wide variety of options available for the programme a tailored proposal will be provided to meet your specific needs.  Cost will be influenced by number of attendees, delivery options, and any supporting resources and services selected.

          What are the risks?
          The modules and exercises are drawn from positive psychology so is science and evidence based so you can be confident in the quality of the programme content. The risks are time and money. However, due to the evidence base of activities we believe it will be time well invested with tangible changes. 

          Does it involve counselling or therapy?
          To be totally clear, this programme should not be considered a therapeutic intervention and it is not counselling. Whilst our past will inform where we are today, the programme is about making changes to how we relate to ourselves going forward. There is research evidence on the impact on psychopathology, including stress, anxiety, and depression, of positive psychology interventions; however, participants are responsible for deciding whether the programme is right for them.

          How do I learn more?
          To discuss how the programme will help you meet the strategic people priorities in your organisation and understand more about the programme and options, please get in touch via email or 01202 612 326.

          What is the return on investment?

          GieAs with all investment in organisational training, whether management and leadership development, personal development initiatives, or wellbeing offerings, measuring a linear ROI is challenging.

          What makes Unleashing You unique is that a single investment has the potential to provide benefits in multiple areas.  A significant benefit when organisations are working with limited resources – both time and financial.

          What about the financial investment?
          Cost, price, and value should be considered separately.

          There are a wide range of options available from the full six module programme to selecting specific modules.  There are also additional supporting resources and services including individual coaching and a range of profiling tools.

          Institute of Leadership associate membership as an outcome of the programme will be dependent on the modules and number of hours.  Options for routes to membership can be provided on request.

          A tailored proposal will be provided after discussing your organisations development needs.

          How do I sign up?
          Do discuss how Unleashing You will help your organisation and your employees please get in touch via email or on 01202 612 326.

          Unleashing your Power
          to be who you want to be.

          I love the work I do - supporting and enabling people to be the best version of themselves, as well as the collective impact of this for organisations. This may include wellbeing, self-acceptance, building confidence, or identifying and working towards goals in work and other areas of life. It would be great to have a chat to learn more about the changes you are seeking and how I might help.

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