Achieve self-kindness, draw on strengths, and learn to value and appreciate yourself.

A unique and exciting programme for personal growth, increased performance, and enhanced wellbeing.

Your strengths
Achieve more through your strengths
Your resilience
Become more resilient to challenges
Your confidence
Learn to accept and like who you are
Your self-kindness
Treat yourself with more kindness

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Unleashing You – A powerful programme for personal growth and development

We help people achieve their best at work

Treat yourself with the same kindness as a friend
Not only is it nicer to be living with a kind friend rather than a critic but evidence shows that we perform better at work, our overall wellbeing is better, and we are less likely to experience anxiety and depression.

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Work towards acceptance and recognising your worth
Developing self-acceptance and recognising your value doesn’t mean we don’t and won’t strive to grow and develop. We do it from a place of recognising our value, rather than the belief we are lacking in some way.

We help people achieve their best at work

Leverage the benefits and power of our strengths
We all have our own individual strengths. We should recognise them and use them to help us achieve the things we are seeking.

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Be the real you – your authentic self
Self-kindness and self-acceptance allow us to be the real, true, more authentic us and become an even better version of ourself.

The key to success isn’t what you can’t do, but what you can do

We help people achieve their best at work

It isn’t about striving for confidence or self-esteem BUT you will feel more confident as an outcome
When people describe confidence, they often consider someone who is outgoing or an extravert. The outcome of this programme is about an internal belief in our value and that we are worthy of self-kindness. This is separate to whether you consider yourself an introvert or extravert – many apparently confident sociable people live with an internal critic and self-judgment. Self-esteem is when we measure our worth in comparison to others and need to believe ourselves to be better. Although self-esteem is frequently a goal, arguably it is not something we should aspire to. Another perspective is we are all equal, although we have different strengths, and it is better to value and appreciate ourselves by recognising our worth without the need for comparison.

We help people achieve their best at work

It isn’t about ignoring the tough parts of life
It is not about disregarding the hard things in life, because everyone experiences difficulties. Its about feeling better able to deal with them.

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It’s not about relentless positivity
It is about building our resources and increasing our positive emotions to be better able to cope with the tough times.

The story behind Unleashing You

We help people achieve their best at work

Developing the Unleashing You programme
Marion Hewitt developed this programme and is really excited by the opportunity it provides to bring about real and lasting change. It has been a long time in its development drawing on many years of experience. It is a practical programme giving you an opportunity to bring about transformational change and learn what it means to be the best version of yourself, the things that have got in the way up to now, and how you can overcome these obstacles.

We help people achieve their best at work

Professional history
Marion worked for many years within HR in different roles and sectors, recognising that developing and enabling people to be their best, and in turn do their best work, was vital to organisational success.

We help people achieve their best at work

Knowledge and experience
She set out to develop her knowledge in multiple areas to build expertise and skills to support others to work towards a state of positive wellbeing, or, even better, to thrive.

We help people achieve their best at work

Credited awards and education
Marion is an award-winning coach and NLP Practitioner, with the most impact with positive psychology – in which she has an MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. Giving her a range of tools and techniques supported by clear evidence.

We help people achieve their best at work

Personal interests
She also had a personal interest in wellbeing and what contributed to that, looking beyond basics of exercise, diet, and sleep. Recognising so much of our wellbeing is about how we feel about ourselves and our place in the world. This is a complex and fascinating area of study.

We help people achieve their best at work

Self-compassion practitioner
Alongside this theoretical learning Marion has used many of the techniques on herself. Having lived most of her life with an internal critic, the area that had the greatest impact on her was learning about self-compassion and the multiple benefits of self-kindness.

We help people achieve their best at work

Drive and ambitions
Whilst the critic makes occasional appearances, it is far less vocal and there is now another kinder, supportive voice, encouraging rather than berating her! This voice is encouraging and supporting her in wanting to give others the opportunity to benefit from self-kindness.

We want you to enjoy taking part and benefit from real change. We are confident that you will but if you do fully participate and don’t experience change, we’ll refund the cost of the course.

This programme is about Unleashing You

We help people achieve their best at work

This programme has the potential to be transformational
This unique programme draws on proven theory and evidence-based tools designed to make life better. It can help you change your thinking to kinder supportive thoughts, so you achieve more and feel better, but from a place of support and care. It will enable you to recognise your strengths and use them to greater benefit.

We're a team offering a range of expertise

Designed for women at any stage of life who want change
Those progressing in their career but driven by self-criticism, self-judgement and striving for perfection. Women going through the menopause, often a time for re-evaluating and seeking change. Those with grown up children who find themselves with time to think about their needs for the first time in a long time.

We help people achieve their best at work

Stop holding yourself back
Missing out on opportunities, not speaking up, and avoiding things due to self-doubt? Continuing to live with an inner critic and unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, that are holding you back from growth and increased wellbeing? Not recognising your strengths so missing out on their benefits? Remaining driven by low self-worth and self-doubt which are detrimental to your wellbeing?

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Overcome the fear of being ‘found out’’
Continuing to put unrealistic expectations on yourself, that are harsher than those you put on others? Not making the progress you feel you should or could at work? Feeling anxious and stressed that you are not doing well enough at something (or everything)? Living with imposter syndrome, or  a belief you’ll be ‘found out’? Missing out on opportunities to make life better?

We help people achieve their best at work

You deserve to be treated with kindness
You can change the parts of your thinking that are not being helpful to you and change through self-kindness and self-acceptance helps us achieve more, not less. You are valuable and deserve to be treated with kindness and you can make even better use of your strengths.

We're a team offering a range of expertise

You can achieve more by focusing on your strengths
We often don’t realise or recognise our personal strengths. We all have them, and evidence shows we achieve more by focusing on these rather than our perceived ‘weaknesses’.

Unleashing You gives another way to better outcomes

We help people achieve their best at work

Its about thinking differently, and believing in change
None of the changes are about being selfish or self-indulgent. What is even better is that most of the techniques are about thinking differently. Given that we think anyway it is not time consuming to make these changes, it is about noticing them, having techniques to think differently and most importantly believe in the truth of the new way we are talking to ourselves.

What do the modules cover?

Introduction and setting your objectives
This is about setting the scene and working out your starting point, plus what you would like to achieve.

  • During this module you will identify your personal objectives for programme.
  • There will be an introduction to the different elements of the programme and how they contribute to Unleashing You.
  • At the end of the module you will feel energised, excited and committed to moving forward and making the changes you are seeking.

My strengths
This module is all about the powerful resources that are our personal strengths. Look forward to:

  • Identifying your personal strengths. The ones you know you have and the ones you haven’t yet realised.
  • Understanding the benefits of optimal use and how to practice this.
  • Learn how it is not about ignoring weaknesses but using our strengths to make the weaknesses irrelevant.

Accessing the power of self-kindness
Self-kindness and self-compassion are an unrecognised and untapped route to doing, being and achieving so much more. Learn about:

  • What self-compassion really means and how it works.
  • How you can harness its power for growth, performance, and wellbeing.
  • Developing practical tools to cultivate greater self-compassion so you can start to experience these benefits.

What is important to me in my life
Your wellbeing is aligned to doing things that are important to you and living your life in the way that feels right to you. This valuable module provides the opportunity to:

  • Explore what we mean by purpose and consider what yours might be.
  • Identify your values and how the guide what you do and how you do it.
  • Consider how you can ensure your goals are aligned with your values and purpose.

What motivates me
Real motivation comes from inside. It is a desire to do something. Having intrinsic motivation is vital in achieving our goals and developing to our potential. To capture the full energy of motivation we need to understand it. During this element of the programme you will:

  • Increase your understanding of your personal motivators.
  • Develop strategies to use your motivators to enable progress.
  • Share ideas to overcome conflicting demands and motivations.

Accepting myself
Self-acceptance it an important factor of wellbeing. Through feelings of self-doubt and low self-esteem we get in our own way. In this powerful module you will:

  • Gain new perspectives on self-esteem, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome.
  • Understanding the challenge and barriers created by limiting beliefs and strategies to overcome them.
  • Use self-compassion to support and enable change.

Mind and body – looking after all of you
Overall health is a combination of physical and psychological health. The interrelation between them is highly complex. This module provides a chance to take a broader perspective on:

  • Understanding the importance of all elements necessary for your overall wellbeing.
  • Approaches to increasing your wellbeing that are realistic and evidence based.
  • Actions to make manageable changes to habits to facilitate your increased wellbeing.

Bringing it all together
The success of any programme is not what you learn but what you do with the learning, how you implement the new knowledge, and in turn create lasting and meaningful change. In the final element you will:

  • Review all the elements and reflect on the new awareness and knowledge about yourself you have gained.
  • Develop more ideas on how you might further embed the changes to enable you to be the best version of yourself.
  • Ensure you have processes in place for accountability and reflection for ongoing change and growth in the areas you identified as important for you.


How does the programme work?

A comprehensive six-month programme carefully designed and structured to give you the best opportunity to learn and gain the maximum benefit from your investment in you. Practical, fun, realistic, enjoyable, supportive, participative…. These are all important elements contributing to you achieving personal growth, increased performance, enhanced wellbeing and more positive emotions.

Six modules, each covering a separate element of Unleashing You
This is about setting the scene and working out your starting point, plus what you would like to achieve.

  • One module each month
  • Pre-session information to set the scene and a couple of short tasks in preparation for the live session.
  • A facilitated live participative workshop exploring the months topic in greater depth with practical exercises to gain greater self-awareness and knowledge. Learning is enhanced through group work and sharing insights in a safe and supportive environment.
  • A follow up email summarising the session and reminders of the exercises
  • A week after the live session you’ll receive an accountability reminder and further techniques to encourage learning and help develop new habits
  • The module will conclude with a reflective activity two weeks after the live session, and maybe a few extra ideas to help you even more!

Carefully designed and structured to give you the best opportunity to learn

  • Modules run in a regular cycle so you can join as soon as you sign up, no waiting for start dates. Start as soon as convenient for you.
  • The introductory session and final session are self-guided, supported by resources and pre-recorded session so you can attend when convenient.
  • A range of high-quality supporting resources to guide you through the exercises in the pre-work, live sessions and post session work.
  • Many of the exercises are not time consuming (recognising time is a scare resource for many people) but are often about learning new ways of thinking and approaching situations.
  • Marion is committed to ensuring all participants get the best from the programme. Participation includes access to Marion, who facilitates the live sessions, to respond to any specific questions and provide accountability if requested.
  • Confidence that the content is evidence based, drawing on positive psychology, the science of making life better.
  • The option to add on individual coaching sessions so the programme has even wider and greater impact.
How do I know it will work?

  • We are confident it will make a difference to you if you invest your time and energy in participating in the activities. Changes, particularly of long held beliefs and habits can be challenging and can’t be done to you or for you. The commitment you make to all the activities will affect the level of transformation you experience.
  • The tools and activities used are where possible evidence based with academic studies showing their impact. We want you to enjoy taking part and benefit from real change.
  • We are confident that you will but if you do fully participate and don’t experience change, we will refund the cost of the course
How do I know it is right for me?

From my own story I know the effect on confidence and wellbeing of not accepting and valuing myself, of putting others first regardless of personal cost and feeling I needed to ‘be better’ to fit in properly. I know the impact this has on so many areas of life. How we hold ourselves back, miss out on opportunities, and also the negative influence on wellbeing.

My conversations with so many women made me realise that the challenges I have faced were not just mine. This programme brings together the elements that I believe will enable fundamental and lasting change.

I am not going to pretend I always get it right and that I don’t encounter obstacles, but I do know my awareness, knowledge and skills, give me a very different way to overcome them. This is what I aim to share and help others to also benefit from the learning.

How do I know it will work for me?
It is not a change we can make instantly. Sadly, I do not have a magic way to create the changes you are seeking! Change requires awareness, understanding and practice. But, I do know the constructive changes I have experienced through this and the positive and wide-ranging impact this has had on my life. Participation in the programme can enable the same for you but will require input, effort, and practice. Signing up won’t guarantee success, fully participating and embedding learning is what will bring about the changes you are seeking.

What about the cost?
Cost, price, and value should be considered separately. I want the programme to be accessible because I believe in the difference it can make. I also know that it is human nature to value things more when there is an actual financial investment. As a coach I also know the power of coaching so wanted to make this available alongside the programme. The outcome is a range of options to meet different needs and budgets.

If you break it down, the Thrive package, which includes two individual coaching sessions, works out at around the price of a coffee a day for the six-month duration of the programme. Consider what you would like to get from the programme and the value of the changes to you in your life. For example, being kinder to yourself rather than judging yourself, or going for a new role you know you can do but are hesitant about making an application.

I’m not sure if I can make all the dates
The advantage of the rolling programme is that if you can’t make a module, or need to take a break for a month, you can join it next time round. Further dates will be added to accommodate different availability and preferences. This will include weekend, daytime, and evening sessions.

Can I join at any time?
Yes! With the rolling programme and self-contained introduction and final session, you can join as soon as you sign up.

What are the risks?
The modules and exercises are drawn from positive psychology so is science and evidence based so you can be confident in the quality of the programme content. The risks are your time and money. However, I believe it will be time well invested with tangible changes. Whilst I can’t give you back your time, if I know you have fully participated and practiced and don’t feel you have experienced any benefit, I can refund the money.

Does it involve counselling or therapy?
To be totally clear, this programme should not be considered a therapeutic intervention and it is not counselling. Whilst our past will inform where we are today, the programme is about making changes to how we relate to ourselves going forward. There is research evidence on the impact on psychopathology, including stress, anxiety, and depression, of positive psychology interventions; however, participants are responsible for deciding whether the programme is right for them.

How do I sign up?
You can sign up here or if you have any questions, either general ones or specific queries, please get in touch via email or 01202 612 326.

What are the module dates?

The programme is structured so that you can do the modules in any order and start at any point. However, please ensure you do the Welcome and objective setting session before the other modules. If there is not a bonus session available at a convenient time, this can be completed as self-directed learning or via a personal coaching session with Marion.


Introduction to the programme and setting your objectives
Tuesday 28 March, 12.00-1.30pm BONUS SESSION

My strengths 
Tuesday 18 April, 12.00-2.00pm

Accessing the power of self-kindness
Tuesday 9 May, 12.00-2.00pm

Introduction to the programme and setting your objectives
Tuesday 30 May, 12.00-1.30pm BONUS SESSION

Remember you can start at any point and new dates for modules will be added

What is important to me in my life
Tuesday 6 June, 12.00-2.00pm

What motivates me
Tuesday 27 June, 12.00-2.00pm

Accepting myself
Tuesday 18 July, 12.00-2.00pm

Mind and body – looking after all of you
Tuesday 8 August, 12.00-2.00pm

Bringing it all together
Tuesday 5 September, 12.00-1.30pm BONUS SESSION

A reminder of the benefits you can experience:

  • A greater level of self-acceptance and wellbeing.
  • The confidence to be the authentic version of you.
  • Recognising and using your strengths to greater benefit.
  • Treating yourself with greater kindness.
  • Learning to gradually silence your inner critic.
  • Supporting yourself compassionately in achieving more of your goals
  • Making life better – whatever this means for you.
  • Experiencing personal growth in areas important to you.

Choose a plan that’s right for you


£595+ VAT

6 modules (one per month)

Live participative workshops

Ongoing supportive resources

Introductory pre-recorded session

Learning pre-recorded session

Tailored follow-up action plan

4 flexible 1-2-1 coaching sessions

Most popular choice


£995+ VAT

6 modules (one per month)

Live participative workshops

Ongoing supportive resources

Introductory 1-2-1 coaching session

1-2-1 review coaching session

Tailored follow-up action plan

4 flexible 1-2-1 coaching sessions


£1,695+ VAT

6 modules (one per month)

Live participative workshops

Ongoing supportive resources

Introductory 1-2-1 coaching session

1-2-1 review coaching session

Tailored follow-up action plan

4 flexible 1-2-1 coaching sessions

Unleashing your Power
to be who you want to be.

I love the work I do - supporting and enabling people to be the best version of themselves, as well as the collective impact of this for organisations. This may include wellbeing, self-acceptance, building confidence, or identifying and working towards goals in work and other areas of life. It would be great to have a chat to learn more about the changes you are seeking and how I might help.

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