Changing our limiting beliefs

by | 10 Feb 2023 | Unleashing You, Wellbeing

Limiting beliefs may be firmly embedded but with insight and challenge we can change them. Being released from these restrictions can open up so many possibilities in life.

The benefit of changing your limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs can prevent us from taking risks, engaging in new experiences, and having the fullness of life that we desire.

We adopt these beliefs in early life, often without even being aware of them, until we can’t move forward because we’re hampered by this mental wall blocking our progress.

It can feel frustrating and overwhelming – but thankfully there is something you can do about it. Having already discussed identifying limiting beliefs and the impact of limiting beliefs on our lives, we will look at how we can change them, letting go of old thoughts and making space for growth and new empowering beliefs.

Understanding our beliefs is an essential step in growing and becoming the best version of ourself. By taking some time to assess which help us improve, and those that may be holding you back, it can open doors previously locked by outdated convictions. Even if these thoughts have been ingrained since childhood – questions should still be asked about their impact on life today; so newfound clarity brings with it a whole new world of possibilities.

Be mindful that changing our limiting beliefs can be uncomfortable. It pushes us away from our habitual thought patterns and can feel unsafe.

There is nothing stopping us changing these beliefs other than our own mind, although this can be a very powerful restriction! It should also be recognised it isn’t as simple as choosing a new belief and instantly believing it, but you can bring about change.

Changing your limiting beliefs

We need to understand and believe that we can do things differently, this gives us the opportunity to experience life in a more positive way.

This starts with questioning our beliefs and challenging them.  There are a range of techniques to help this process, some of which we cover in Unleashing You however, start by trying this simple exercise.

  • Identify a current negative belief
  • Consider how this thought makes you feel. Really think about this.  There will be negative feelings but may also be ones around keeping you safe.
  • Think of the evidence that supports this belief for example I didn’t get the job because I am not good enough. This supports my ‘not good enough’ belief.
  • Consider this further. Not getting a job is not about you as a person.  It may mean that you didn’t have the skills or experience for the role, there may have been other factors that affected the outcomes that were beyond your control.  The important thing to recognise it is not about your worth as a person.
  • Now consider examples of when this belief clearly wasn’t true. When have you been ‘good enough’?  Think of all the things you have achieved and done.  This isn’t about big things but day to day examples – although it can be big things too!
  • Create a more balanced positive belief. Use new words, not the opposite to the limiting belief.  For example, changing from ‘I’m not good enough’ to ‘I’m good enough’ will not be as effective new belief ‘I have valuable skills and knowledge’.
  • Going forward continue to catch your thoughts. Challenge and reframe.


It is not easy, but persistence will reap rewards.  If you keep repeating this practice, noticing your limiting beliefs, and replacing these with new beliefs, you will start to notice the number of decisions, big and small, that were made based on your limiting beliefs without you realising.

If you find yourself caught in a negative feedback loop of doubt and self-criticism, know that you’re not alone. You can change these types of thinking patterns by recognizing them for what they are and actively working to shift your perspective. If you need help getting started or want to explore this topic further, please get in touch. We would be happy to chat with you about how you can start changing your limiting beliefs today.

Limiting beliefs are explored in detail in the Accepting myself module of Unleashing You, the ILM approved programme for personal growth, increased performance, and enhanced wellbeing.

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