Motivational Maps

Where’s the value in experience, knowledge and skills if you lack the motivation to use them?

Happiness and performance at work depends on our core motivators being met, and it’s what’s important to individuals that matters. Motivational maps help your business and people to work to their full potential.

Why motivational maps

The cost of being unmotivated

  • We lack energy and feel tired
  • We lose focus and reduce productivity
  • We are not working to our best ability

The value of being motivated

Think of a time when you were highly motivated. You were probably energised, buzzing with new ideas, productive, enjoying what you were doing.. and it was a good place to be. Happiness and engagement at work depends on our core motivators being met. These are unconscious and emerge from our beliefs, expectations and personality. There’s no right or wrong motivators. Its what’s important to individuals that matters. 

The benefits of motivational maps

  • Understand what motivates each person and how these motivators are being met.
  • Gain ideas on increasing motivation levels, and how to change ways of working.
  • Develop awareness across teams by demonstrating people are motivated differently.
  • Learn how and where there’ll be alignment and tensions amongst teams and motivations.
  • Help team members adapt how they work with others and how to meet individual needs.
  • Gain valuable insight into providing more meaningful rewards and recognition.
  • Accelerate self-awareness amongst yourself and the whole organisation


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