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We understand there has to be a business case, as well as it being the right thing to do for people.

We will work with you to make mental health training relevant to your business – driving real culture change through supporting mental wellbeing and reducing stigma and discrimination associated with mental ill health. 

MHFA Course Details

Value of Mental Health First Aid

By attending one of our courses you will join a community of over 3 million MHFA trained people in 25 countries around the world. All courses are grounded in research and developed by experts as well as those with lived experience of mental ill health.

Benefits of Mental Health First Aid

Mental health education empowers people to care for themselves and others, through increasing knowledge and reducing stigma and discrimination. We recognised the importance of self care as some of the topics covered within the training some people may find upsetting. We stress the importance of self care in all our training, as well as the importance in giving it ongoing attention.

Who is Mental Health First Aid for?

Ideally, all employees would attend a half day Mental Health Aware course and all managers would attend a one day Mental Health Champion course. MHFA England recommend a ratio of one MHFAider per ten employees but this will depend on the organisation. Each employee should be able to access a MHFAider if required. 

About MHFA England

MHFA England is the only provider of licensed Mental Health First Aid Instructor training in England, and it is accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health. Their vision is to improve the mental health of the nation. We deliver the full portfolio of Adult Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA England) training courses.

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