Mental Health Champion Course

Learn how to provide mental health support and develop a more productive workforce.

This course is ideal for line managers as it covers the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues as well as how to provide initial support, and creating and maintaining a more healthy and productive workforce and community.

This course is available for online delivery. It is a one day course that can be offered over shorter sessions.

If you are looking to train several people we can run courses specifically for you and your business. To talk about arranging this for your organisation or to find out details of the next open course please get in touch.   

Mental Health Champion includes

  • Recognising signs of mental ill health
  • Providing initial and ongoing support
  • Signposting to professional help
  • Being mindful of own mental wellbeing
  • Creating a more productive workforce
  • Maintaining a more healthy workforce

Mental Health Champion covers

  • What is meant by MHFA
  • What is meant by mental health
  • Mental Health and stress 
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Overview of mental health issues
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Warning signs of mental ill health
  • Applying & introducing MHFA action plan
  • Building a mentally healthy workplace

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