Maximising New Role Impact

Supporting you with the first three months, and increasing your chances of success.

This programme is suitable for those in middle to senior level positions, or in stand-alone roles and is run over six sessions of an hour each. The coaching will help you identify both a strategic and pragmatic approach.

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  • Have you recently secured a new role?
  • Do you feel motivated, excited, but a bit apprehensive?
  • Do you want to demonstrate they made the best decision by appointing you?


In today’s fast paced work environment there can be high expectations when someone starts a new job and it can be challenging to cope with the pressures and deliver results. Taking time and having a structured approach will be highly beneficial, reducing the sense of overwhelm that can occur in the initial stage of a new job.

You will leave each session with increased confidence and greater clarity about how to direct your time and energy. In turn you will increase your impact and build your professional credibility and reputation.


Although there is a structure for the programme, with only some of the elements we cover listed above, it is highly flexible to suit your requirements and tailored to maximise the benefit to you. Let us know what would be of most use to you.


  • Consider how to make the impact you’d like and increase chances of success.
  • Identify expectations to achieve, clarification and how it’ll be measured.
  • How to settle into a new business or successfully transition into a new role.
  • Create a structure to set out actions and ensure time is spent wisely.
  • Deal with emotions and looking after yourself during the first few weeks, when demands are particularly high.


This programme is usually delivered as six sessions of an hour, ideally starting just before you start your role through to the end of your first three months. Available online.

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