Being Accountable – Your Self-care Action Plan for 2023

Create a clear, practical, and realistic plan for your wellbeing in 2023

NOTE: This event is for people that have attended Self-care – Setting your Actions for 2023. Accountability increases the likelihood of us sticking with our plan. This session offers that accountability.


Benefits of attending

The session to create your plan will have given you many ideas and options, along with good intentions to put your plan into action. In this short practical session we will:

  • Recognise and celebrate successes
  • Identify actions that have been difficult to complete
  • Amend the plan to help overcome obstacles and tailor it further to your life.



  • A celebration of success for the actions you have taken
  • An opportunity for reflection on what you have noticed and the changes experienced
  • An amended plan (if needed) to make your action plan even more effective for 2023


Who is it for

Anyone who has attended the Self-care – Setting your Actions for 2023 sessions and would like some accountability.



Being Accountable – Your Self-care Action Plan for 2023

Date: Tuesday 21st February 2023 – 12:30pm to 1:30pm
Cost: £0.00

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