Coaching for Performance

Helping you build performance and effective working habits through coaching skills.

This course is for managers or those seeking management roles. Helping them develop the skills for a coaching approach, to get the best outcomes for business, team and themselves.

Course Details

To enquire about this course being run for your organisation please contact us. The course can be tailored to your policies.

Coaching for Performance teaches

  • Increased understanding of what coaching is, and what it is not.
  • Considering the manager versus coach dilemma – challenges and opportunities.
  • Learning and practicing powerful questioning following a simple coaching model.
  • Identifying how to use coaching skills going forward.
  • Recognising the personal benefits in adopting a ‘manager as coach’ approach.

Coaching for Performance’s audience

  • First time managers or those seeking to move into management roles.
  • Experienced managers seeking to build or refresh their coaching skills.

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