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By having greater confidence and changing our inner voice, we can bring about great change.

The self-doubt and inner voice constantly running you down or telling you off can be changed. By understanding more about the internal narrative we change.

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  • Would you like to develop greater confidence and self-esteem?
  • Would you like to quieten your inner voice that is always running you down?
  • Do you wish you could achieve more?


The self-doubt and inner voice constantly running you down or telling you off, can be changed. By understanding more about the reasons we listen to this voice and how it may be getting in the way of being the best we can be, having greater confidence and achieving our goals and dreams, we can bring about great change. This helps in both personal and business coaching as the same challenges can affect those who outwardly appear confident and successful but are living with imposter syndrome and fear of being ‘found out’.


Many of us live with an internal narrative telling us we are not good enough, or could do better, or something similar, and wish we had more confidence and higher self-esteem. What we don’t realise is that we can achieve more by being kinder to ourselves, by developing self-compassion.

We learn about self-compassion – about being kind to ourself, recognising that we are of value, and that that constant voice saying others are better, or their views are of greater importance, was wrong! With self-compassion you become your own best friend, you realise that you have value and are of equal importance as a person to everyone else.

Self-esteem often comes from measuring worth against others. Self-compassion is about knowing your self-worth and wanting to grow and develop from a place of kindness. It’s not about letting yourself ‘get away’ without doing things, or being selfish, it is about taking action from a place of personal worth and recognising that sometimes things are tough, and it is ok to find them hard. The outcomes are not just greater confidence but increased self-worth and wellbeing. These are of benefit in all areas of life including your career, performance development, relationships, reducing stress and anxiety, and overall wellbeing.


  • Creating a safe, supportive environment to work together.
  • Creating a safe, supportive environment to work together.
  • Learning how to reframe your thinking through our support.
  • Developing new tools and techniques to move forward.
  • Using strengths profiles, NLP techniques, positive psychology.


Different packages are available, depending on your objectives. These range from short break through packages of a couple of sessions, to an ongoing programme at the pace that works for you.

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I love the work I do - supporting and enabling people to be the best version of themselves, as well as the collective impact of this for organisations. This may include wellbeing, self-acceptance, building confidence, or identifying and working towards goals in work and other areas of life. It would be great to have a chat to learn more about the changes you are seeking and how I might help.

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