A Better Place to Work (BP2W)

Every business is unique. The ideas that work and the areas that could improve differ. 

Gaining insight into what people want from work and
the needs of others, enables people to adopt different approaches together for more effective collaboration.

Why Better Place to Work

People issues cost time

  • Conflict between people
  • Lack of collaborative working
  • Individual performance management
  • Problems caused by management style
  • Dealing with grievances
  • Managing absence

How BP2W can help

In your business how much time is spent on dealing with people issues? How great would it be if people took ownership amongst themselves to make lasting, meaningful changes in how they work together? An even better solution that didn’t take management time.

The benefits of BP2W

We offer teams and organisations access to the BP2W solution as a way of developing teams and improving the quality of work life for everyone. Its power is in creating more collaborative working relationships, leading to high levels of performance. Its been described as the anti-virus software for teams.

The approach of BP2W

Everyone seeks different things from work, they have different needs for example in how they receive feedback, the level of ownership they have, what makes them feel valued, etc. Gaining insight into what people want from work (our individual needs) and gaining understanding of the needs of those around them, will enable people to adopt a different approach together for more effective work and collaboration. 

BP2W improves collaboration

Who is BP2W for?

What makes An Even Better Place to Work different is that it enables change through activities led within teams. It is not management led. This frees up management and HR time and gives more ownership to everyone. The questions asked are ‘What am I going to do?’, not ‘What are they going to do?’

Team leader recognition

Following the recommended structure for 6 months entitles team leaders to an ILM Leadership and Employee Engagement Certificate.

How does BP2W work?

  • BP2W provides diagnostics, tools, resources, videos, activities, posters, etc.
  • It gives a measure of staff engagement and satisfaction.
  • A quick diagnostic of 28 questions, taking less than five minutes to complete, gives people an immediate view of where needs are met and where there’s gaps.
  • The system generates reports, suggests activities, gives high level views for management (all individual scores remain confidential) and tracks progress.
  • The diagnostic can be run as many times as required and gives an immediate view of progress towards goals and team scores.

How can we implement it?

Setting up access is quick and simple. You will be supported through this and a system familiarisation session as required.

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