DISC Personality Profiles

Understanding how people behave positively impacts how we work and interact together.

As an effective personality assessment tool, DISC helps you better understand people by revealing the four basic patterns driving behaviour. Understanding this theory can offer increased awareness of other people, and yourself.

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DISC Personality Profiles

The puzzle of collaboration

  • Why are some people risk takers and others risk adverse?
  • Why do some people focus on numbers and others on feelings?
  • Why do some focus on a task and others on the people?

What is a DISC personality profile?

DISC theory offers an explanation of differing personality types and looks into the key drivers, motivators and fears that shape each individual. DISC helps us understand the four basic patterns that drive human behaviour. 

The DISC acronym

Dominant, driver

Influencing, inspiring

Steady, stable

Correct, conscientious

Benefits of a DISC profile

  • Would it be helpful to understand why some people work better together than others?
  • Would you like to develop the ability to understand and appreciate differences in others?
  • Would it be beneficial to improve how people with all approaches work together?

DISCover the power of personality!

What can a profile tell me?

DISC can be applied to work and personal life and comes as a detailed report, setting out areas of strength and identifying areas to develop in. Both to improve your performance and to increase your understanding of how your preferences interacts with other profiles. In turn, how you can develop flexibility to work more effectively with other styles.

DISC profile for individuals

A profile can be used to understand different personality types and how this impacts approaches to work and wider life, for example if we’re more people or task focused. It’s also a great tool for one to one coaching. Increasing self awareness for patterns of behaviour and identifying practical ways for improving how we work alone and with others.

Teams and businesses

Using profiles across teams explains why some people work well together and there is tension in other working relationships. Knowing and valuing these differences, mean that together teams can access the full spectrum of approaches for better overall outcomes.

Managers and leaders

As a manager, understanding different profiles is valuable information for supporting and developing team members. Helping to broaden skills and increase performances. 

Contact us for a profile

To learn more about DISC Personality Profiles or to arrange running a profile for yourself or for people in your organisation, please contact us.

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