Perspective for Positive Resilience

by | 24 Oct 2023 | Mental Health, Positive Resilience, Unleashing You, Wellbeing

Perspective is important for having a positive outlook on situations and considering the bigger picture.  It is having a glass half full view of the world, rather than believing we have little control over life.  Perspective is a pillar of positive resilience.

Understanding perspective

It is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.’ Epictetus

Maintaining a positive and optimistic outlook on life is not a Pollyanna approach of irrepressible optimism and believing everything is perfect.  This can lead to bad decisions.  It is how we look at the bigger picture and stay positive when faced with challenges.

Through standing back from situations we can consider a range of outcomes. 

Perspective enables us to then identify challenges and plan to overcome them, rather than believing there is little we can do to change or control them.  If we have strong perspective we believe we can influence outcomes, and in turn will be motivated and energised to invest time on situations we can have some control over.

The benefits of having perspective

There is extensive research linked to elements of perspective and its importance of perspective for wellbeing and positive resilience.

Optimism is a learned behaviour not a character trait and those with an optimistic outlook were found to have better physical health, be more energetic and task focused, have higher levels of happiness, have stronger social networks, and more effective coping strategies when facing challenges.

Perspective and optimism is also linked to our sense of control.  An internal locus of control enables us to believe we have control over our life and are therefore more positive about achieving goals and desirable outcomes.

Tips for developing perspective

If we develop a strong sense of perspective, we will believe we can influence life’s outcomes, feel in control of situations, and able to break down problems and view them with a broad objective perspective

There are numerous techniques to help us develop perspective.

  • Recognise there are multiple ways to consider a situation. How will you feel about it in a week/years time? What would you say to someone else experiencing a similar challenge? Consider ‘yes, and…’ ways of reflecting on something rather than ‘yes, but..’
  • Notice your thinking patterns and unhelpful beliefs. For example catastrophizing a situation, all or nothing thinking (these are thoughts including words like always and never), and seeking out confirmation bias.  Challenge these thoughts and consider how you can reframe them with a more positive perspective.
  • Practice a more optimistic style, don’t view difficulties as something outside your control. Think about what would be happening if you viewed it as an opportunity?

This is the one of a series of blog about the seven pillars of positive resilience.  Each includes tips on developing the resource. You will notice overlaps and focusing on one can benefit other pillars with a cumulative outcome of greater positive resilience.  If you would like your personal Positive Resilience Profile to identify your current level in each of the areas get in touch.

The Positive Resilience Profile is a psychometric test developed by Peoplewise which we are accredited to provide.  It enables you to understand your current level in each pillar and get tailored guidance on developing each to enhance your positive resilience.  Contact us now to learn how to get your profile.

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